Bricker drive unit vs bricker gear box

So bricker sells a counter top drive unit for shredding cheese which I hear works well but they also sell a little transmission deal that goes on the Hobart #12 attachment that spins the pelican head faster.

Has anyone used either of these devices?

with the Hobart 60 quart on speed 4, I can do about 100lbs of cheese in 20 min. Looking for something faster, im really tired of spending over an hour a day on cheese

ive seen the pallozolo cheese shredder but it doesn’t seem that much faster and its huge and im short on space

We use a VCM. Did 600 lbs of cheese today in 30 minutes, start to finish. 24 pounds in 20 seconds!
I prefer the “diced” chop that the VCM gives us vs shredded cheese. I have used the Pallazalo machine as well and it does shred fast.

K guys, looking for advise here…
We also shred with the Hobart. Set it on speed “3”. Cooks get all pissy if a new employee does the cheese and doesn’t “lean into it” almost stalling the Hobart thus producing long shreds. Easier to handle, doesn’t settle in the insert so much, spreads/covers better and or easier is their theory. We weigh every portion so not a savings thing… Do I have some Prima Donnas on my hands? I’m guessing that anything shredded that fast is NOT long shreds…I’m told we/our area uses a lot more cheese per pie than elsewhere, if that somehow makes a difference? ( 14oz on 14")

I used to use the Hobart as well. I cant imagine a transmission hanging off the front to make it faster. Actually scares me. We used speed 3, and a couple of my coworkers who were muscular sometimes used 4 when in a hurry. those guys could shut the mixer down on overload in 4 so they had to watch it (geared different, less torque). we braced ourselves and pushed hard to make the long thick strands that boatnut references.

I will say this, I had a rule with the staff, when first starting out with the pelican head, start on speed 1 to get things settled in, then go to 3. one of the other stores put the head on their Hobart and fired it up on 3 or 4 and the spindle and shredding disk went flying and left a sizable dent in the walk-in wall probably 5-7 feet in front of the mixer. Luckily the person was off to the side when they hit the start button.

On my 3 phase hobart 60 quart, there is no slowing her down

I weigh 225 lbs and I use the walkin to push off of and I can push as hard as I want on speed 4 and it doesn’t bog down
Ive actually broken the pelican head handle from pushing so hard. We had to weld it back on

Do you have a link to the model you use? Can you take a picture of your cheese after it’s done? We’re looking for diced too.

Go to Ebay, search for: Hobart VCM 40.

These units were manufactured by Hobart, Stephan and Berkal over the years and most if not all parts are interchangeable. I just bought my 7th VCM and have had very few problems over the years. My drivers can dice between 100-300 lbs a day between deliveries.


Could anyone take a picture of the finished product with respect to cheese out of a VCM. We’re looking at one, but we aren’t sure it can produce what we’re looking for.

We use a VCM as well. It does a tray of cheese (20-23lbs depending on loaf sizes) in about 25 seconds. Diced is easy to handle and weigh for portions. For us a big night might be about 160 pounds so counting all the work and clean up, about 15-20 minutes takes care of the task.