Brief absence

I regret to in from the many here that I will be away from the Think Tank for a week or so as I meet with my siblings to arrange for the disposition of my mother’s estate. She passed quietly (and unexpectedly) in the night last night. At least she had pizza at my place a couple times before she passed away, so she went happy.

Keep the dough off the ceiling, and tip a glass for my mom this Christmas season, if you would. Then tip one for yours.


From Lynda and myself and all our staff (they all seem to know you through my talkings of this forum) we pass on our sincere condolences.

Words are hard to find at this time but our thoughts are with you and your family.

We will certainly tip a glass for her and for you too.

Kindest regards



Me and my family would like to pass along our condolences. We shall pray for you and your family during this time of mourning.

May His Peace be with you and your family…

God bless u and your family…my prayers are w/ u…

Hugs Nick. How thankful we are that she raised such a man…may God bring peace to you and your family.


condolences to your family, and god bless during this time!!

same here from me,
look forward to your return,

Take good care of yourself and your family. I am truly sorry for your loss.

May the good memories of life ease the grief of the passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Nick, that’s gotta be tough. I’m sorry to hear about your loss man. -J_r0kk

Losing someone as close as your mom is impossibly hard. We’re all with you.

Nick, you and your family are in our thoughts in Oklahoma as well.


sorry to hear that nick, our thoughts are with u too.


Our thoughts are with you too. This past Friday (December 21) was the two year anniversary of the passing of my husband’s mom, and although it was hard to go through at Christmas time, it made our time together as a family more special. Plus we knew she was having the best Christmas–free from sorrow and pain.

May God give you the comfort he gave us.



our thoughts are with you nick

the whiting family

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this tough time.


Sincerest sympathies. I know this loss is tough, particlularly at this time of year. Best wishes and my prayers are wtih you.



I’m so sorry to hear about your moms passing. I’m sure she was very proud of you.



sorry to hear of your loss, be strong for your family and cherish onto the memories.