bring backs, no shows, hawking, extras and outside sales

bring backs = when a delivery driver comes back with an order that was meant to be delivered however cannot be delivered because customer is not there or did not order as in bogus call or prank call the order is called a bring back

no shows = when an order is phoned in for pick up and no one comes in to pick up the order the order is called a no show

hawking = when a bring back or a no show is sold as a meal ticket to an employee or to the general public a discounted rate usually half the s uggested retail price this practice is called hawking pies.

extras = when an out side sales person or team orders x amount of pizzas at a reduced disscounted price for the sole purpose of distributing said product to a target market
usually to custermers who would not have phoned in an order or walk into the pizzeria because of distance from the store and or never even heard of mentioned pizzeria this practice is called selling extras
(the average extra pizza seller sells ten to twenty pizzas an hour or fifty in pizza pies in a day)

out side sales = a sales person or team that sells extras in a prompt manner