I just found out about this site. Apparently customers can place an online order and this site is suppose to call in the order. Well we received a call from one of our customers. She provided us with a conformation number from the order she placed and we never received the order from Bring Me That. I immediately went to their site and had my business removed. I felt so bad I gave the lady a 10.00 credit.

There are a few others, i do not remember their names but yeah.

I am also getting companies that take our flyers (with coupons) and post them on websites including review sites, and I get calls from people that want to use coupons from 3 years ago posted on some random site I’ve never heard of. It’s like wack-a-mole, each time I make the effort to get myself off these sites or get a menu removed or edited, another one pops up. Our menu changes twice a year so these 3rd party menu companies are a PITA.

Happened to me a month or so ago. Lady got charged too. We never even got the order.

What I don’t like about this is that it puts me in a situation where the customer subconsciously associates my company name with fraud (in theory).

What bothers me, is why are people ordering from a obviously third party website to order food instead of actually ordering from the store in question ?

Do they honestly think they are getting a deal or are they just to lazy to run a simple search for said company’s actual website ?

Who knows… we offer online ordering and our site is set up way better too… not sure what these people use to search, because if you use anything normal like google, our actual website comes up way before these third party guys. Maybe they are clicking ads on Facebook or something, I don’t get it.

Every person searching on Google get a slightly different result…some based on locations, some based on previous searches…and some based on who knows what…So despite your best effort to have them see you first, sometimes they will get other links before yours…