brixing my soda fountain

Can I adjust the syrup flow on my Pepsi machine myself or do I need to call their tech?

The reason for asking is that I think the last tech purposely adjusted the brix so I use more syrup. I’ve had several customers tell me that the soda tastes too sweet. I never had that comment before the service. It’s hard to tell if I’m using more bibs than before, but I may be.

Did they leave you a brix kit? If they didn’t call them and get one. I check my fountain once a week. Nothing worse than flat Coke or as some people call it ‘Pepsi’ :wink: I get people telling me my Coke is too strong. I’ll bring out the brix kit and show them that it is mixed perfectly. They’re just used to the watered down Coke all the other restaurants in the area sell. Which makes me wonder why Coke or Pepsi would be okay with restaurants serving their product mixed incorrectly.

You can get a mix tester easy, probably on Ebay for cheap…then research what the ratio should be and confirm.

Ive heard some reps say if you mess with the screws (the mix ratio is just a screw which can be turned) then you can void your agreement or equipment blah blah…and most put cute little stickers over the screws so you cannot modify it.

I say test it and change it, if they dont like it then call the operations manager for the local BIB supplier and tell them that the route tech adjusted it too much and refused to correct it, or told you that it wasnt allowed etc.

Back in the day I would modify it myself and it would help the bottom line and most people arent accustomed to heavy syrup.

Its pretty slimy for the tech to adjust it if the ratio is higher than what you agreed upon.

Remember not too long ago there was a thread that may be the kissin’ cousin of this one. The soda installer/tech was rigging the machines to drop less ice thereby increase their product usage.

I guess the lesson is, when times is tight, EVERYTHING bears scrutiny.