Broaster Chicken

Anybody on the TT have a program with Broaster Chicken? I was approached by them today and am curious as to pros/cons. If anyone has any info, I would love to hear about it

Will cost you about 40k to start. Product is good. Their food cost is HIGH. Historicaly not so successful concept. There’s not significant gain when you invest 40k, provide your front space and promote their (very expensive) logo. They make you buy the whole chickens. come in 1 body, 2 legs, 2 wings, 2 thighs’ 2 brsts. in case you sell 40 wings, you gotta sell all that comes with’em. they recommend you dump’em cheap! Hell yeah, why not they made their money. remember? HIGH.
My advise, stay away from it. do your own chicken and do it would be much happier. or ypu can always come back after wasting that 40k.

I sell a fair amount of chicken, but have switched to tenders only…cook faster & everyone luv’s em…I like a system Sysco has…tasty…don’t use their brand name scheme tho…

This guy just stopped in here today out of the blue, but I just happened to be looking for some frozen fried chicken so I can add to my catering menu (chicken dinners, etc). Sounds like I need to keep looking.

Thanks for the info

According to their webite you can use your own chicken…

“Now … 3 Choices for Preparing Delicious Chicken
With the Genuine Broaster® Program, you have a choice of
• Your Own Fresh Chicken – and then preparing it with our
specially formulated Chickite® marinade and Slo-Bro®
• Broaster® Chickite® Plus – pre-marinated fresh chicken
that’s cut, trimmed, cleaned, and then vacuum packed for
extended shelf life. Just apply Broaster® Slo-Bro® coating
and cook. It’s great way to save on preparation time and
labor costs!
• Broaster® Recipe Frozen – also pre-cut, trimmed, and
cleaned, it’s marinated and coated, then quick frozen for
the ultimate in convenience and shelf life. All you need to
do is drop it in your Broaster® pressure fryer.
3 choices for delicious chicken, 3 avenues for delicious profits!”

also you can buy a used broaster for a $1000 to $4,000…then you only need to buy the marinating supplies from them

the chicken tastes very good…the negative to making a big deal of their brand name to me is that a lot of “dives” sell it as well as gas stations…but if you don’t use their signs…which you don’t have to… and just call it broasted chicken …I think the taste would get you repeat business…
you certainly are not required to spend $40,000…you could in certain areas I suppose pretty easily with a hood and fire protection installation plus a brand new broaster fryer or two…jmo

Yes, you could probably find a used broaster for 3k. the real expense is the type 1 hood system with ansul system, permits, installation and Other special equipment. not cheap. be in california, anothr automatic expence. their website says you could use your own fresh chicken and purchase their expensive than normal supplies. but, in real world they make it real hard to do so. they will come pressing hard on you to buy their own pre marinated very expensive chicken and other useless thingies that come with it (for the sake of consistency, they say).
And no, you can not call it broster or broasted unless you purchase their special formulated(specialy expensive) supplies and their frying shortening.
my 15 year experience with concept, Only special thing with concept is pressure frying. any good coating+ salt for marination(special chikite marinate+ special slo bro coating my arse)
Any good pressure fryer does it. broaster,henney penney, BK and mies to name some. I buy frozen tyson drumstx, wings, thighs from local cash & carry. 4 oz salt in 5 gallon bucket of fresh chicken.add water marinate overnite. replace water in morning. bread & pressure fry as you need. I prefer chester fried coating or you can try few samples from your food supplier and stick to the one suites you. I heard sysco has a prettty good one. I bet you could get better results than so called concept(slo bro sks IMO) and support your own brand name and reputation. also save a lot of $$ over the concept.