Broaster's Chicken

Anyone have any experience with the Broaster Company ( I am considering adding broaster chicken and a few additional products. I would appreciate any experience good or bad with broaster’s products, as well as equipment and ingredient prices offered by broaster.

The brand name is fine…but you’ll be paying a higher price for the seasoned flour, packaging & such…personally, I make my own breader & wash and have no need for their flavor profile…

The equipment is just a pressure fryer…many models/vendors to choose from…I would recommend an electric floor model w/a filter system…can be had on ebay for a song sometimes… … 20b38cb385

yrs ago we featured a family-style menu & broasted/pressure fried catfish, pork chops & chicken w/no flavor transfer, as we filtered between each batch…

I like the product when its done right. Using fresh chicken is the key. Good selling point is how the pressure cooker does not maintain the same amount of fat as traditional frying. The company can provide you charts on this.

Hard to figure how to make it work because unless you buy several units you are making batches and holding them for when you “think” you will need them. Get an order for several different items at once??? The product does hold well but still, it is a challenge to figure out.

Talk to local operators and see what they say. Know someone locally who is having one installed right now. I’m interested to see how it goes.

Broasted chicken is great when done right. Using the right equipment is part of the key here. We drive 40 mins to a little bar that does it the right way twice a month or so. I think I need to disagree with the holding of the chicken for the rush. What makes this so good is the right out of the cooker freshness and you do have to wait for it. After ordering we can expect 30-45 mins for our food. It helps their bar sales. If I remember right… unless you use Broaster cookers… you cannot use the broasted chicken name in your description. There was a big lawsuit years ago over this. I might be wrong…but I think that is how it unfolded. I think someone looking to add this really needs to look at their whole operation and think twice before jumping in. Yes the product can be great and I am sure profitable… but unless you are really going to push the dine-in and long waits that are required… it might just be a disappointing headache. Good luck either way.

One thing I wanted to add… Patriot talked about how they did chicken, fish, and others in the same cooker…but filtered between batches… This is one thing that drives me nuts as I hate fish. Going out to eat and have something that tastes even a little like fish or seafood at all. I am not saying Patriots did… just saying that you need to be very careful about this issue. The place we go too has a separate fish cooker just too be safe. Just another thought about the expense of this one. Good luck.

I know nothing about “Broaster” chicken but there are several other systems out there…I think Sysco has one…And are Texas Fried Chicken and Chester’s Fried Chicken still around…