Broccoli on a pizza

We’ve been doing fresh broccoli with chicken and mushrooms on a pizza and with our air impinger ovens–the flower tops are frying up. I was wondering if anyone has a solution–maybe tossing them in olive oil, garlic and herbs or something else? Any ideas how to keep the flowers from burning up?

break 'em up small & put them on the sauce but under the cheese - that’s the way we do it…same w/spinach - under the cheese

We used to put our fresh broccoli below the cheese, but some of it always stuck out and scorched. That left an unpleasant taste. If I had a range, I’d blanch it to help keep if from burning. Since we don’t, we went to frozen florets and it results in a much better final product for us (and eliminates waste to boot).

I tried the under the cheese method too. Works ok. That’s what we’ve been doing. I like the idea of frozen. Never occurred to me. Thanks much!