Brownies Made in a Conveyor

Ive already looked in the archives, does anyone know exactly how to cook brownies from a mix in a conveyor oven? Im looking for the time, temp,
Pan size, and amount of brownie mix used

Hope to find some good answers here. Could be a nice addition

I use gold medal brownie mix. I portion into 7" round pans. I cook on full sheet trays for 22.30 and let cool before refrigeration

Ive been buying the box of Hersheys Brownie mix from Sams Club.
I bought one box to try and made them at my house. I really liked how they didn’t need to be frosted like cupcakes and had a better profit than cookies.

They have become extremely popular now (about 80 brownies a week.) I am getting tired of making them at my house.

Im hoping someone knows how to do a half or full size sheet pan of brownies in a conveyor. Then I can have the employees make them when needed

We just started using a pre-done batter by Krusteez. 8z in a 7” round foil. Cook 6 minutes at 400 on conveyor ( ours is set at 3 min, so 2 passes) then cool, lid into cooler til order. Then it’s thru at 400 for 3 minutes. Done. So far customers love it.