Brushing crust with olive oil / butter out of the oven

Anyone here who does this? We’ve been using garlic infused olive oil but are looking to change it up. We wanted to experiment with a garlic butter sauce or different infused olive oils but are not quite sure on the best way to hold it throughout the day.

Is this even worth doing in the first place? Would it make it too rich? We like the way the olive oil makes the crust pop when it’s out but are looking to enhance the flavor. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We make a NY Style pizza, hand tossed, and also offer a thin crust (standard over stretching and trim method) ran through a Middleby Marshall WOW conveyor oven.

Thanks all

I brush on a very light coating of EVOO mixed with a small amount of this on the dough before adding sauce, toppings and baking.

Does wiping the edges of a finished pizza would make it greasy for the customer to handle?

You might want to check with your local health department on how they’d like to see you holding a garlic infused butter/oil. I’m sure smarter voices will chime in, but I seem to recall previous threads warning that the garlic can make a pretty nasty toxin if left out in the infused butter/oil over a period of time.

Yeah that was my concern as well, our health inspector came through and said it was fine as long as there were no actual cloves in the oil and it was refrigerated after service. I would like to avoid the whole thing and try something different, right now it’s looking like we’ll just go with EVOO and might try something like pizza garden uses. As long as your brush it while it’s at the back of the oven there isn’t a grease issue with what we have been doing.

It’s spelled “botulism”. Nasty stuff, and could be a risk. Buy a commercially available garlic oil that presses the cloves with the oil source (olives, rapeseeds, etc_)

We brush the crust with an infused oil/spice blend prior to cooking…awesome end result…