Buddys Pizza

Buddys Pizza Detroit Mich

Published on Jan 22, 2015
Buddy’s opened in 1936 as a speakeasy to avoid the alcohol ban. In 1946, owner August Gus Guerra introduced his version of Sicilian pizza. And the rest, they say, is history. Since then, his signature pie has been lauded in numerous national “best pizza” lists. The dough is prepped in a square, well-seasoned and buttered pan; then covered with brick cheese, which is saltier than mozzarella.

A sweet tomato sauce is ladled on top of the pie. Fresh from the oven, fans gasp at the buttery crunch of the thick, melted cheese corners, then savor the thin slices of pepperoni that curl and char around the edge.

This amazing treat is Chowzter’s tastiest pizza in North America for 2015. The pizza at Buddy’s was nominated by Jason Feirman from I Dream of Pizza and Joe Hakim, Chief Chowzter for Detroit.

Find out more about this incredible pizza: http://www.chowzter.com/fast-feasts/n…

George Mills