Buffallo Mozzarella Pizza

I hope that you can help me to understand the properties of different types of buffallo mozzarella and what make a good one…

Whenever I bake buffallo mozzarella on a thin Roman style pizza base so much moisture comes out of the mozzarella. I am slicing the ball 125g ball into 5mm thick slices and layering on the base. My oven is set at 375c. I have tried all different brands and have tried draining the slices overnight to release some of the moisture. Is there any other solution.

On another note, I will be trying frozen buffalo mozz next week which is sacriligous but, apart from curiosity on its flavour and texture, could this be the answer as I expect it needs to have a reduced moisture content???

Any thoughts on how I can solve this problem.

Many thanks!


Hello Rahim,what does your base consist of then maybe we can help you.When I use buff.mozz on my pies I never see any moisture.It will have some fat to it but it is a whole milk product.


try using buffalo sauce then regular cheese.

Hey AD I think they are talking about Water Buffallo Mozz. And you may want to let in drain in cheese cloth for a few hours, before use, to get rid of some of the water.


You say that you are “layering the base” with the cheese. You might actually be putting on too much cheese. Try saucing, then putting the cheese on in pieces that are scattered over the top of the pizza rather than going for complete coverage. Remember, this cheese will flow and spread out during baking.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hey, thanks for your offer of help. The dough I use is made of flour (about 12% protein), oil, improver, salt, yeast, sugar, water. Have tried all different brands (Galbani, Granarolo, Mauri, etc) but all still leave a puddles of watery milk. i’m not keen on using cheese cloth to absorb the moisture as I am worried about possible kitchen health and hygiene practices when introducing this technique into the kitchens. What is the brand of buff mozz that you are using?



While not a “buffalo” Mozzarella, my personal favorite is Made by Grande Cheese. Great flavor, appearance, texture, and no puddles.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Should be no health issues if done well. You can even put a fasle bottom in a food pan whatever size you have (1/6, 1/3, whatever). It’s a raised platform that is perforated to let moisture drain through and keep food above the moisture. Maybe 3/4 inch above actual bottom of pan.

With cheesecloth, you can line a small collander with cheeseclotha and place into a food container with lid. Into cooler, and no food safety issues if normal sanitation procedures are in place and used. Lable dispose of date, and what it is.