Buffalo Chicken Pizza Ideas

So I’ve been experimenting with a buffalo chicken pizza. It’s a blue cheese base topped with chicken strips that have been marinated in buffalo wing sauce then drizzled with even more wing sauce. I’ve made it for a few employees and they say it’s awesome and no reason it shouldn’t be on the menu.

I’m working on a coupon that, upon approval from the owner, will be our new featured pizza of the month

But I’m the type of guy who is always second guessing himself and now I’m wondering if I should make the base the buffalo wing sauce, top with the marinated chicken, then drizzle with blue cheese dressing after it comes out of the oven.

Fresh shredded carrots and celery come to mind as well as blue cheese crumbles and…bacon

If your place offers such a pizza, I would appreciate any suggestions.


we do it both ways depending on the customers preference some like the bleu cheese on it some like it on the side. just try it and tweek it to the liking of your customers.

I make it with our mild wing sauce as a base, then mozz, then chicken…bake it and after it comes out drizzle a little more mild sauce on top for presentation and serve it with a couple of sides of blue cheese.

This is not a buffalo chicken pizza but my partner came up with a spicy chicken pizza I love. He uses chicken beast (if I use the correct word the stupid word censor rejects my post) strips marinated in Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce.

This is on a white pizza of olive oil, garlic, and basil. Topped with WM Mozz. It has a nice heat with lots of flavor. I want to try it with some cilantro and onions.

I mix Franks Hot Sauce, Butter, and Blue Cheese with chicken.

for our buffalo chicken we mix red hot with french dressing isstead of butter because i think the pizza gets too greasy the other way

I tried the following experimental buffalo chicken pizza: I first coated the stretched out skin (18” in my case) with a layer of Ranch dressing (Ken’s brand) and then added the following items in sequence: drizzles of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce; crumbled Wisconsin blue cheese; diced red onion; pieces of chicken that I had grilled and coated with more of the Frank’s Wing Sauce; partially-ccoked pieces of bacon; shredded mozzarella cheese (low-moisture, part-skim); and more drizzles of the Frank’s Wing Sauce. Based on a suggestion that I had read here at the PMQ Think Tank, I used about half the amount of mozzarella cheese that I would normally use on an 18” pizza. That turned out to be a good idea and allowed all of the flavors to shine through. I thought it was a super pizza.

Not really buffalo, but I have a killer Teriyaki chicken pizza. I use teriyaki sauce as the base, then cheese, teriyaki chicken mix, and topped with dried seaweed slices(Japanese kizami nori).

The chicken mix is a mix of canned chicken, mayo and wasabi. It might sound weird, but don’t knock it until you try it.

Here is the stuff I top it with after baking:



Holly Cannoli - This pie sounds AWESOME!!!

Thanks for all the input. Gonna try a simple version with a blue cheese wing sauce base, chicken coated in wing sauce, not too heavy on the cheese and serve with a side of blue cheese. If that does well we might try a super version with red onions and red bell peppers.

Also liked some of the other recipes.