just wondered if anyone has ever tried this…if not, wanted to offer the idea to those looking for something new.
Use Franks buffalo sauce mixed with ranch dressing for your base, add grilled chicken chunks and top with your cheese. EXCELLENT!

I offer a buffalo chicken pizza on my menu… in fact it just so happens to be my pizza of the week 8)

I just use straight up franks and chicken (breaded or grilled). Its def one of my favorite.

Ours has a small, but loyal following: Franks’ and chicken, garlic butter base, onions and bell pepper, bake. Drizzle with Ranch Dressing after it is cut. Great presentation, and great Ranch Dressing delivery system.

Buffalo wing sauce, mozz
sliced mesquite grilled chicken bre@st
red onions
fresh roma tomatos

On our menu, this combo is called the “Hot Chick”
Order it without the jalepenos as the "Not So Hot Chick

We don’t have one on our menu, but I take our PJ’s Buffalo Sauce, cut up a breaded chicken strip, and mix it in the sauce, and put in our personal pan, top with mozza and shredded parm, delicious.

If you don’t use parm on your buffalo…try it…it gives a great smoky flavor to the pizza.

I’ve tried it both ways and prefer to have some shredded parm on top, baked in.

bodegahwy those names are awesome!!!

Love the menu names…those are great! i might have to make a change !

Among the crew, we call it the “Buff Chick”

Ha ha ha! That’s about how we abbreviate it on our order sheets: Buff Chk.

Ours starts with a base of blue cheese. Then we top it with white meat fajita chicken strips coated in frank’s and top with half the amount of cheese.

Again small but loyal following.

A few months ago I made one for my friends and they request it all the time now.
I tossed the cooked chicken with Franks wing sauce (saves me a step since it’s already got the fat to make it thicker), same sauce for light coat on the dough, sauteed celery bits, mozz for bottom, and top it off with a touch more mozz and blue cheese crumples. Blue cheese was added towards the end of the cook time for a quick melt. Freaking awesome. I’ll have to try the ranch with sauce for hte base.


Ok, I hate to make my entrance to a new forum as a necromancer, but this happened to be the specialty pie of an ex-boss of mine, and his version was the best one I have tasted. It started pretty standard, base of buffalo sauce, mozz, Gorgonzola chunks and chunks of white meat chicken tossed with more buffalo, but the secret was what happened after it came out of the oven. He would take some bleu cheese dressing, and drizzle just a small amount over the pie, so it looked kind of like icing on a strudel. It sounds a little weird, but that last drizzle made all the difference to the taste. This was never a menu item, but every time we’d put one on the lunch line, we’d end up selling several more after people got a taste. I’d love to see more places offering this pie, so give it a shot, you may be pleasantly surprised.