Buffalo Chicken pizza?

Any one have a good Buffalo chicken pizza? Do you just use Hot sauce or are there “buffalo” sauces out there that can be used? Do you use the sauce as a base or just toss the chicken in the sauce and use regular pizza sauce for the base? Maybe mix pizza sauce and hot sauce?
What do you folks do?

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is the “authentic” Buffalo-style hot sauce. It doesn’t take much to make anything really hot, but brush some on the crust and toss some chicken meat in it also, liberally. That should be plenty, unless the eater is a total hot-head…then, pour it on!

I am in Buffalo and created a Buffalo Chicken pizza ten years ago. We use Franks as a base, grilled chicken, whole milk mozz and sharp cheddar. We serve it with blue cheese on the side. A bigger seller here in Buffalo is a chicken finger pizza. Blue cheese base, chicken fingers, mozz, a little crumbled blue, put Franks on top. After it is cooked it gets topped with lettuce and tomatoes. People will love it or hate, but the people that love it will always order it.

We use Franks Red Hot.


we use sweet baby ray’s chicken, red onion mozz and cheddar cheese

We use our homemade hot sauce as a base, toss grilled chicken with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, layer the chicken over the hot sauce and then top with mozz cheese-i have found the pizza comes out better if you only use about half the mozz you normally would.