Buffalo Chicken Pizza

What do you guys do for this pie?
I am thinking just cheese on the shell and top with breaded chicken strips and swirl the hot sauce after it comes out and serve a side of blue cheese for dipping…i dont like the idea of using the blue cheese as a base like i do bbq sauce for my BBQ Chicken pizza
Any thoughts?

I’ve tried this several different ways. Buffalo as a base and not. Chicken just dipped in the sauce. Buffalo ranch as a base. Tried it with mozzarella, buffalo chicken & red onions and the drizzled ranch over the top.

Personally I don’t think buffalo chicken makes a good pizza. I tried it cause the sauce is a big craze right now.

Its makes a great sandwich and salad, but pizza? Not imo.

we make a lot of buffalo chicken pizza, this is how we do it, we use a 60/40 mix of french dressing and franks red hot, chicken fingers diced and dipped in the hot sauce combo, sauce the pie with the french/red hot mix put the fingers on cover in mozzarella and bake and serve with bleu cheese on the side.

Hello Perry,Buff.chx.pizza is prob.one of the biggest selling pizza’s today.We use an alfredo w/ some blu chse. in it as a base.Then we grill a llb of fresh diced chx. lathered in buff./hot sauce,throw this on top,then chse.then a swirl of hot sauce on top.This pizza is so damn good and our biggest gourmet pizza! by the way this is for an 18’’ pie.

                              Niccademo  [keep your dough off da cieling]

We cheese the shell, add chicken steak then squirt with wing sauce and serve with bleu cheese on side. popular, but I think it would be better with sliced chicken tenders but I don’t want to mess with it. The easiest of our “Gourmet” pies to make.

Hey, guy. I like this! What’s your food cost and sale price for this jewel? I’d love to ry to sell this version. Mine is good, but this has a better ‘zip’ to it.

i use a 6 oz grilled chicken breast(the same unit for my sandwich)for my small and med,2 breasts for large x-large.dredge it in hot sauce,and i mix ranch and bleu cheese spread over skin and top with chicken,drizzle more sauce, top with cheese.

Thanks Guys…I am gonna try the alfredo as a base since I already use it for a chicken alfredo specialty pizza. Maybe it is just me but I am not a fan of heated dressings like ranch and blue cheese. We do a cajun chicken specialty pizza where we top with gorgonzola after it comes out so maybe I can try that too.

the way we do it is a pizza with no sauce, cheese only then we put some grilled chicken breast and buffalo sauce on top…blue cheese on the side… we sell alllooott of those… but when I make one for myself, I make a regular pie, red sauce cheese… then I put some grilled chicken, crispy bacon (chopped) salt, pepper, granulated gralic and then I put buffalo sauce… guys I’m telling u try making this pizza… this is my favorite pizza hands down… honestly I want u guys to try it for urself and tell me what u think… lol… I want one now… lol

Hello Nick, I am not a food cost guru so to be quite honest I’m not sure,lol chic.cost me 1.oo,22 oz dough .50,10 oz chse…80,alfredo w/blu chse.in it about .50,when all is said and done around 3.00-3.50 and I sell it for 14.95.I guess I would say its ‘Priceless’…lol we have a very busy 6’ grill that we utilize for our pizza station also as far as grilling fresh diced chx.brst.for the pizzas.If you have a grill give this a try and I’m sure you’ll love it.We do a simular one w/ diced saus.and chx.,swt.peppers,onion and seasoned w/ Cajun powder,hot sauce and bbq sauce all cooked on grill then thrown over an alfredo based shell topped w/ mozz chse…We call it the Crazy Cajun another big seller @ 14.95.
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