Buffalo chicken pizza

OK, what do you use as the sauce if you make one?
a) A thickened buffalo sauce
b) A ranch or blue cheesy sauce
c) No sauce
d) Regular red pizza sauce

Just wondering, before I begin test-cookin’

We just added a buffalo chicken pizza to our menu. We’re using a sliced chicken brea$t that comes to us marinating in Buffalo sauce. Using a ranch/bleu cheese or a hot sauce base was not an option for us. We found that using a light sauce pizza works out best. No sauce, for some reason, and the flavor of the buffalo sauce doesn’t come through. Regular sauce overpowers the flavor of the buffalo sauce. This also leaves room to upsell ranch or hot sauce.

we tested it every way and found having a LIGHT base of ranch worked best…we serve blue cheese on the side for dipping also

most don’t like Hot sauce as the base…we now use a ranch as the base & drizzle hot sauce when the pie exits/cut…a little flair

We pre mix our buffalo sauce with diced chicken. The chicken marinates with the hot sauce. We use no sauce. Just place the chicken mix on the dough add cheese and bake.

our base is a mixture of french dressing and franks red hot, we sell a lot of these pies, we use diced chicken tenders and cover with mozzarella and bake…serve the bleu cheese on the side

Hello mm,we have an alfredo/white sauce that we use for all our white based pies.We add some bleu chse. to it for our Buff. chx.pie as our base then our mozz.xhse,then fresh diced chx. that is cooked on our flat top w/ our homemade hot sauce.This pie is our 3rd biggest seller next to our Margarite and da pepperoni.


Awesome ideas.
Tonight, I’ll try a couple ideas you’ve given me! Can’t wait!

We make it both white and red. Most prefer white, surprisingly. We take breaded and fried chicken tenders and coat in a mixture of hot sauce and bleu cheese (90-10 or so) and top the pizza. I usually run around the crust and all over the pie with straight hot sauce as well.

Used to use grilled chicken but customers like the fried more.

buffalo chicken is our most famous pizza… we use regular red sauce then some grilled chicken on top and some franks buffalo sauce… we serve it with blue cheese on the side… that’s my personal favorite pizza… buffalo chicken with some chopped crispy bacon… good stuff…