Buffalo Wing Packaging

We are looking to expand our wing menu and was wondering if anyone knows what type of containers Wingzone uses for theirs? We are basically carryout & delivery,so we want something that will hold up?

I have never heard of wingzone. We use about 200lbs of wings a week and they all go out in a foam container that has vents for steam. Steam will make the wing soggy.

Why not call wingzone and ask if noone here knows?


Ok personally I HATE wings and all I ever see are styro or plastic takeout containers and since wings are best crunchy and not soggy I did a little searching for ya. A couple of ideas came up and will those of you that sell alot of wings please share your thoughts on this. Chicken once the sauce is added gets soft…think Chinese takeout. Then once you close the box the steam cooks them more and the quality goes down as time goes by. One idea is to send the sauce on the side and let the customer add and stir them up. I like that idea but you still need the right container to keep them from getting soft. I found what I think…again think… is a great solution. This company sells an oversized Chinese style takeout box that is lined with aluminum foil and the top does not fold over but is just slightly overlaps and has two string handles. They showed them puting sauced wings in and also dry cooked wing with a small plastic container of the chosen sauce on top…not the bottom as the hot wings melt it open. Alum keeps it all hot and open top vents for cooking slows down and no soggy wings. What do you all think??? :?:

Sounds expensive. I like finding a solution for the steaming effect, but not paying huge to get there. Wings in GA appear to bea down-pressure menu pricing item. If I could charge $8 for 10 wings (6-9 size) that packaging might work. Did you get a price concept for something that is about a quart in volume? I could be wrong after all.

Foam costs 8 to 11 cents for a 9" square unit that will hold up to 20 pieces easily. It could be in the cards for sime parger markets to spend more, up to 50 cents or $1 each, and still make it worth selling. We finished up our last tenure using 8" pizza boxes with a foil liner. Multi-task, reasonable price, esyto store, and already engineered to release steam to protect food quality. No container I have ever tried has given “crispy goldn brown” after 10 minutes with the lid closed. I just found the best I could find. delivery wings that are crispy and perfect like in the dining room . . . that’s the Grail and the Golden Fleece all at once :slight_smile:

Nick… I found a website call “alibaba.com” that has a very large selection of chicken related takeout boxes that are priced well but they have extremely LARGE minimum orders…like the half million unit range. I know…not realistic for indies unless 20 of you get together and buy as a group. What the site does do is give some great visuals of what is available out there. It also looks like they supply all the big chicken companies… like KFC and such. Maybe can find something that would work and then find a vendor to supply them in a realistic quantity.

Just wanted to add…after a little more reading I found a lot of chicken specific vented boxes there that had min orders of 1000 units and prices of $0.05-0.50 each depending on size, colors, and quantities. A whole lot better than the 500,000 unit orders!!! :roll:

We use a 6" cardboard clamshell box. It folds over and has vents on the back that can be opened. We also use these for a single slice so they can double as another package. The come in cases of 250…can’t remember the price off the top of my head right now though.


Yeah, Alibaba is a resource for people who are importing quantities. Involves customs and shippers and all. Those prices, if like the other stuff I have researched there, is for product as is where is. then I arrange portage and customs and delivery from nearest customs port. Really a ton of PITA . . . but seeing pictures is HUGE benefit. thank you for suggesting that.

Please do share the links if you still have them for the vented chicken boxes. the pricing you give is attractive if it is for sizes big enough for 10 piece orders and bigger. I am assuming that is pricing without shipping . . . so California would eat me alive. gotta renew my Atlanta container distributor relationships!

We use compostable containers. They are like cardboard clamshells. Oven baked wings are not crunchy to begin with so I do not waste time worrying about that. We put in a foil liner and send them out.