buffet equipment

Thinking about adding a buffet to increase lunch sales.

Anyone have any leads on a heated pizza buffet, similar to the ones Pizza Hut uses? I’ve googled this to death and can’t find what I’m looking for.


Hi Heather:

you did not say but I guess you are looking for something used.

That is an Item that I have never seen offered used. Perhaps I just missed them.

We have designed many buffet units and would be happy to design one for you.

George Mills

This is exactly what I’m looking for: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … =p3907.m29

I had a number of questions, but haven’t received a reply from the seller yet. Between gas and u-haul it will cost me about $1500 to get home.

Hi Heather;

The unite you have found look great.

New they would cost thousands more.

I hope you get them.

George Mills