buffet help ...?!!!

getting ready to open for lunch, going to do buffet, any help or suggestions to get it going, how long do pizzas stay good on them ?what should i have them on (steam table ? heat lamp ? ) any an all suggestions on this venture would be appreciated… :shock:

Hi wild card:

We have done several buffets for our clients. Starts with a cold section for salads with accommodations for as many toppings as you intend to serve. Usually there is a hot section with two built in soup warmers.
Not all,but some also have a hot section for Lasagna, or mac and cheese or other Hot items? there is usually a section for pizza consisting of a good sized hot surface and best to have a heat lamp over the top also. Room for holding plates is normally provided.

George G Mills

As a former, volume CiCi’s GM…they only allow 30 minutes on the buffet…

use 12" pizza…make them 1/2 & 1/2 @ first & during slow times…

have a “pattern”, that is make 1 cheese, 1 pepperoni, 1 sausage etc & so on…get a small rack & rack them in advance…don’t try to “replace” a particular pizza, but keep it full of various pies…condense & rotate…

remember, buffets only work when you have a volume of customers…

george what do you do ?

Re: buffet help …!!!
george what do you do ?

foodservice facility design and equip.

George Mills