Buffet waitress tips

Looking for ideas on tip splitting. I have a buffet and only pay my waitresses $3 an hour but they are quite often walking away with 120 plus dollars in tips in 4 hours. My kitchen help gets between $7.25 and $11 an hour. I have people getting upset bc they say it is a buffet and the waitress is barely doing anything. Looking for ideas.

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Who’s getting upset? Is it the kitchen? Our kitchen doesn’t receive tips because they aren’t tipped employees (check labor laws about this and also about tip sharing). Our kitchen crew never expects to receive tips therefore never have the idea that they are getting short shafted. They get a much higher hourly wage for that reason.

I don’t know how it is there but our buffet servers refill drinks and keep tables clean and most people tip two dollars. So it works out without anyone even questioning whether they deserved that two dollars or not.

I could see this being a problem in a place where the customer gets everything themselves including the drink and refills, but if that was your case you wouldn’t be asking about servers because you wouldn’t have any.

the animosity between kitchen and floor has always been there, and it has always been aggravating to me, even when I was a lowly fryer cook (35 years ago)
We went to “No Tipping Allowed” and everybody is now happier, and I have true teamwork taking place here without hearing “I don’t get tips, so screw her, she can clean her own damn tables and fill her own damn drinks”
If someone forces a tip, it goes into a jar for a local dog park funding.
Some people cannot seem wrap their head around our EWP program (Fair & Equitable Wage Program), but it is very few and far between. We also make it clear that we are a “Livable Wage Employer”

If you would like to learn more about how we do this, please ask