Just getting ready to add on sit-down and buffet. Just wondering if anyone has any advice?

Also any input on where to get buffet line? Heat lamps or hot plate? Which is better?

Any input would be appreciated.


Hot plates/warmer tables will take a little more energy to keep the food warm, but ultimately are safer (well, it seems at least ) and do a better job.

Any specific Q’s?

Just if there is any advice on things we should know???

it all depends on what your population is i am in a town of 5k that has a town of 25k just 10 miles away they have the walmart clothing stores
it became to much of a headache to mess with (waste and gorging by customers) did not have enough traffic to even out the birds from the vultures if you know what i mean

if you are interested i have 2 buffet warmers that are 6ft each sell to you for $400.00 one needs a new element (any stove part store can order)

The Fat Boy

Fat Boy–if that sale doesn’t work out for you, consider listing in the PMQ Classifieds. It’s free and it works every day for owner/operators!

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