Bugs from open windows

Last week I had bi-fold doors installed in the front of my restaurant. They are amazing and I saw an instant boost in my dine in business obviously the desired effect. But, what I didn’t think about was all the bugs that get attracted to our lights. I have dimmer switches going in in the next few days to help with the intense full strength lighting that attracts the bugs.

Does anyone have any other ideas to keep the little buggers from coming in?

Install an air curtain:



These work pretty darn well and will save you money on your utilities too.

good idea, can those go on the outside? i have too look into these.

I was going to suggest looking into Air curtains, but someone beat me to it :slight_smile:

Air curtains also keep dust out as well.
I have 2 for my double door opening and they would work really well if I got around to installing them. Still in the boxes they came in but I am determined to fit them in the coming weeks (or years) :eek:

Hi Guys:

According to the health code all air that enters your building must be filtered.

Is your health department aware of your having the front of your building open?

Air curtains may be the answer to your problem but I would consult with your Health and Building department as to their opinion.
George Mills


do air curtains also help with keeping the cool/warm air inside?if customers open and close our doors too much it gets warm in the dining room and the A/C is constantly running!

Yellow lights by the entrance will also help cut down on the attraction of flying insects.

I have a set of “HUE” lights by my doors, I cannot get a true yellow out of them, but I have found that bright pink or red attracts critters, and the closer I get to yellow, the less insects swarm around them.

You could always get some Praying Mantis’s to hang out to keep the bugs down

Definitely NOT the case here. We have many restaurants in town that have open to the outdoors configurations. Certainly worth checking on, but not the case in many places or you would not see walk through openings to out door terraces etc. Several of the businesses in our town have what are essentially multiple garage doors that open up the whole side of the building to the outdoors.

Yes they do. Check out the links I posted in the first post I wrote. They have quite a bit of info.

Where are you at?
I would thaik that would be allowed if the inside air pressure was enough to create an outward flow of air.
George mills

If you have any problems from your local health department, you may get some relief by bringing this to their attention >>>> http://www.foodprotect.org/issues/packets/2014Packet/attachments/I_001_b.pdf
it is recommended procedures for outdoor cooking by the FDA in the national food code (many states simply adopt the national code in its entirety)
If cooking is allowed outside with proper indoor support , I see no reason open doors could be cited as a violation.

Due to goofy insurance reasons, my BBQ pit must be 10 feet from the structure (never mind that it is UL listed at zero clearance from combustibles) and this drove my inspector into hysterics. She refused to sign off on our licensing until I shoved that PDF file into her face and asked he to cite a single law that prohibits an enclosed, NSF rated, UL listed BBQ pit from being outside.

yeah health codes are silly sometimes…here (chicago) tons of restaurants have open windows and no air curtains.