Build out

Started buildout for new shop this week. Scoured think tank for information on costs and equipment ideas. Will post progress to help others on same journey. Cut concrete and digging out trenches for new plumbing and grease interceptor - plumbing bid from contractor 42 k. 2400 sq ft building.

Fun times John! Keep us posted as to progress :slight_smile:

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Thought about your POS system yet? Make sure to prewire for data! We have a lot of clients who don’t think about their system until 3 weeks before opening, and we end up fishing data cable behind freshly painted walls and hard ceilings, and adding outlets in old work boxes in a brand new place.

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um, how many quotes did you get on plumbing? Are they making you do a 1000 gallon in ground tank or something absurd like that?

I’m hoping that was 4.2k. If not, ouch. But either way, congrats on progress. We are in the process of a build out as well, but I’m getting off cheap, it was formerly a pizza place. I should be under 75k with equipment. But I’m cheap.

1500 gallon grease interceptor, walls are up , walk in up, electrical mostly in

Congrats! I am signing a lease on my 2nd location this week also. Built out to start after a family vacation to disney next week.