Building a Bar Crowd

Our bar crowd is lacking and I’m just looking for new ways to promote the bar and what has been successful for other people. Special drinks, promotions, specials on food, etc. We can’t serve past midnight… So that is probably part of the reason… Any suggestions…


Took us 8 months to start getting a bar crowd, a “regular” bar crowd. Seemed no matter what advertising or specials we had, nothing worked. It seems more like a time game… you just have to wait for people to get tired of their usuall hangout then they will eventually start hanging out at yours.

f.y.i. we had a lot of SPYS from other bars come in to check us out… We are now the most happening bar in the 3 city area and we don’t really do any drink specials now… people just come because it’s the place they like to be. Everyone in this bar industry is so freakin parinoid, wether it’s the customers acting stupid, other bars starting crap with you… ect… i can’t wait to get rid of the bar and just make it one big restaurant. :x

but hey, good luck :lol:

Bartenders have followings (especially good-looking female bartenders).

If you can hire a bartender with a following, she or he will, over time, attract some of that following to become regular patrons of your place. If you can, it would probably be better to hire one who is currently working, rather than one who hasn’t been working for awhile.

Don’t bother asking me how to make your situation attractive when it will likely include a huge drop-off in tips. I’ve got no ideas there.