Building A Pizza Kiosk In a Bar.

I’m looking at building an “after hours” slice kiosk inside a local bar. We’re looking at 300-600 slices on Friday and Saturday nights(more on some nights). I had an investor offer to purchase the equipment and pay for the build for a very small cut of sales. But, I’m not even sure how to start this project. The building is about 4 blocks from our location, but they have a huge, unused kitchen inside.

Does anyone have experience with off-premise sales? Should we invest in their kitchen, or cook at our place and send pizzas over to the kiosk? What kind of options are out there for keeping this quantity of pizzas warm? They’re going to be more concerned about convenience over quality, but it’s a great chance to promote our brand at the same time.


I’d forgo the slices and do a par-baked personal pie, served on a styro plate…higher price point - what ever oven they have there, you can finish the pie in minutes while maintaining decent quality…you can learn to make a great shell and use your current sauce/cheese combo…spritz the shell w/a garlic spray…

300 8" pies @ $4?

we set up a kiosk( really just tables from the bar and a large banner) at a local bar on big bar days( st pattys,super bowl, thanksgiving eve etc) it works ok. like you said there first priority is not quality so yours must be. we have a high quality hot box that we stock from our store. we put 2 employees at the kiosk and they call the store when they need more pie. we offer cheese pep and chef special. bar patrons will also call the store for full menu.we do cash only there so that is one thing i wish we could figure out. usually not a problem though. on the weekends we sell to the bar and they giveaway as happy hour food.