Building a Website

Okay I admit I don’t have the patience to create a website so I’m looking for a great designer and host. I have tried the ever so easy web design software but honestly I’m better off taking care of the restaurant serving customers and creating food you know, all the other tasks. I’m looking for someone that knows the industry inside and out and can answer any question I may toss at them.
I’m like everybody else I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg I just want an affordable working website that is customer friendly. :smiley:
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated – thanks

I just went through the whole process myself. Google “restaurant website design” “restaurant graphic design” things of that nature. QMG will come up a lot, they do great work, but not in your price range. There are many budget sites that will come up. Click on them and you can view there portfolio of work. Hard to find people with a lot of restaurants but you will find plenty of “affordable working websites that are customer friendly”.

The less you spend the more it will have a “template” look. The more you spend the more customized it will be. A customized site will cost you around $2500 to $6500 minimum. After that the sky is the limit.

If you want to incorporate online ordering do a search to that affect. There are many companies that will develop your site for you for about $200 to $500 for you because they will make their money on transactions going forward. Normally one or two orders will pay for any minimums they have.

For the same money you could probably get a standard template site done as well.

I agree with you on sticking to what you know best. I’m pretty computer savvy and have a lot of graphics experience but my time would be better served serving my customers.

Try The name of the business is Slick Ricky Designs. They do great work and have really good prices. The guy’s name is Rich that runs the business. Tell him that Roger referred you to him.