Building Layout

Does any one know where we can get some good ideas (pictures) of building/design layout for redoing our pizza shop? We are a carry out/delivery place that is in terrible need of remodeling and we would like to have seating. We can take down a non load bearing wall and move our coolers/dough mixer into a back room that has never been used. Note: trying to remodel on a very tight budget. Thanks in advance.

be aware that because you currently do not have seating, as long as you have a regular bathroom you are fine… but once you add seating you may need to 2 (male/female) bathrooms (if you don’t have 2 already). I’d check with your HD first before deciding if you want to add seating.
I had to add another bathroom and it cost $12k

Depending on how many seats you have and where you are located you may beable to get away with having an unisex restroom. But either way you will have to also make them handicapped ready.

There are not a whole lot of good sources that can help with this question as every kitchen and dinning area is unique. Only you know what you need or want in your kitchen and thats where a kitchen designer can come into play. Being on a budget…which everyone is these days… a really good source that I have used in the past for restaurant design for kitchen and seating layouts…without dropping alot for the architects…because I have done that route also… is your food service providers. The larger ones that sell the equipment also have interior layout designers on staff that usually do not charge for putting layouts together for you. Now…that said… depending on where you are and how old the building is…you might have to take that design and get it drawn up by a certified architect so the city or whomever will approve your plan for ada compliance and washrooms and exits are a big one. The one nice thing is that if you can get a design for free that works from the food service people, the cost the architect charges might be a whole lot less to just draw it to plan specs for you. Either way…start off with a call to the local building dept and ask what they are going to require so you do not spend money or forget to get something done that costs you more in the end. Good luck.

You might want to check with George Mills who posts here often. He deals with equipment but I’m pretty sure he does layouts as well.

Yes, check with George. He’s an important contributor here and his business does free floor plans. He’s an equipment dealer and the service is designed around generating sales, so hopefully you two can help each other out. Small seating areas are low maintenance that can generate a lot of extra sales.

Thank you roger and Indie: We provide that service at no charge.
George Mills