Building out a new kitchen, looking for an X-large prep-top cooler

I’m trying to buy a large make-line cooler that is able to hold fullsize sheetpans and/or dough boxes in it so I can keep my kitchen stations more compartmentalized, I’ve looked online in many places, and it seems the picture do not match the product too well at webstaurant, A-city, or the other places i’ve been
Does anyone still make a prep cooler like that? New, or used is also good if it is not beat up too badly.

I would also like the working surface to be at least 18" stainless, granite, or marble, I do not want my guys trying to stretch dough on a plastic cutting board.

I appreciate your help, I’ve got almost all my other items found, except for my make line

Hi Got Rocks

We market a prep table that can hold sheet pans in any door. Comes in 2, 3 and 4 door models.

Work surf ice is just over 16 in you could get a granite or marble slab to put on it 18 in or larger.

For additional information contact me at

George Mills

Thank you,

I’ll be contacting you soon, Am I correct that you also do kitchen design services? I am not sure of my final dimensions yet because where we plan to expand the building is under 5 feet of snow yet.

Yes we do Layout and design for pizza shops an other food service facilities.
George Mills