Bulk Mail!!

I am looking for companies that do the printing and mailing. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

www.magpac.com will print and mail 4" X 10" 4 color cards with a 1"X 4" or a 2"x 4" magnet on the back for somewhere in the 30-40 cent range depending on your quantities. There are many companies that will print and mail postcards for around 20-25 cents. For these rates, you’ll need to mail complete carrier routes.


I use them for printing only (I do my own mail) but they do mailing services as well.

The printing is really rock bottom priced, the quality is amazing and the turn-around is quick. I’ve been VERY happy with them doing my printing.

I’m doing postcards in 5,000 quantities, 4/1, full bleed and UV coating for $105.99 + shipping. I haven’t found anybody that comes close to that price yet.


I’ve been very happy with their quality and service. The same order Piper described is currently $120.44 shipped. Their mailing rates are good too.

Ive used www.overnightprints.com[/url] for a few things including mailing marketing collateral and business cards and they tend to be pretty good. Another option for you to look at: [url=http://www.overnightprints.com/main.php?A=start_mailing]http://www.overnightprints.com/main.php?A=start_mailing