Bulk Pens

Looks like Sam’s Club has finally run through its stock of plain, old Bic Pens at $.07/each. Best deal I can find now on them is at Office Depot using one of those 20% coupons to get them down to $.11/each.

Anyone have a source for purchasing inexpensive bulk pens? Preferably ones that write on thermal paper right out of the box without a fight.

I have used these for the last few years. They are a little more per pen but they are a good way to advertise with something you need anyway.



11.5 cents got them the other day. they work well.

Thanks for the heads up, I was able to buy the last six 72 packs that my Sams had. I’ve purchased large quantities of misprinted pens on ebay for about a dime each and had good luck with them.