burke's food

Does anyone here use burke’s food? If so what do you think of their product? How does it stack up againist fresh? What products do you use from them?



I use 100% Burke meats. I love it and so do my customers. They’re now owned by Hormel since late summer. They have a great variety of formulations so you don’t have to be like “the guy down the street” if you don’t want to be.

Burke is by far the best precooked meat topping for pizza company in the country.
if you want Raw product - call Fontanini
Burke is hands down the best precooked manufacturer

Hormel bought Burke
no change in formulation of product ever - they are wanting to remain the mfg that they are

Hormel agreed to allow Burke to be run by Mr Burke for at least 3 years until all is aligned

good luck

Thanks for the input!