Burnett Cheese

Anyone else use Burnett Provolone cheese? I have been using for years but lately it has been acting very strange. Looks kind of like snotty glue and taste is not as good as it used to be.




I have never heard of it.

I made a move to GRANDE CHEESE about 7 years ago and I have never looked back. If you can get it from you supplier, I would suggest you do a test with it. The melt is the best in the market, and the flavor is far supperior to any other cheese on the market.

The only downside might be price, it is probably the most expensive mozzarella in market usually about $.80 cents over Chicago Mercantile Exchange Cheese Block price. I currently pay $2.51 a pound. However, because of its incredible melt characteristics, you can actually get by with less weight, than with other mozzarella products, and get the same presentation.

“By the way I am not a GRANDE REP, I am a Customer.” (Hair Club For Mens Satire)

I use Burnett 50/50 and I have had no problems. The provolone should be their best product as it has won several contest. I would suggest calling the food broker for Burnett in your area and talking to them. The food broker in Ohio that I have is a great guy who helps me anytime I need it.