burnt pizza bottoms...

Can anyone help me? I can’t seem to get my second oven on line. It’s as if the stones are too hot. Keeps burning the bottom of the pies and the top is not even close. Anybody have any ideas? btw it’s a blodgett 999 and I cook directly on the stones, thanks in advance!

part of it can be in your dough formulation, but I would think in mostly in that the stones are too hot compared to the ambient temperature.

Thanks for the response Otis Gunn, I think your completely right about the “stones are too hot compared to the ambient temperature”. I’m just not sure how to correct it. The dough formula is not the problem however, because I have a similar oven (blodgett 1000) above it in a double stack that works perfect.

I use a BP, not a blodgett, but…

  1. Check for side vents - they should be OPEN to allow heat up into the air more than only providing heat from below

  2. If that’s not it, perhaps have someone check the thermostat. A broken thermostat could have the oven nearly continuously heating, way past the temp you THINK you have it set for

About that thermostat idea . . . have you put an oven thermometer into the oven to see if it is heating to the right temp? If not, then a thermostat or temp regulator seems the culprit.

I did use an oven thermo to set the temp. I run the top one at about 550 and when the bottom one is set to that the stones must be considerably hotter. Also, I did replace the thermostat with a new one. As for the vents I don’t see them on my oven. There are what looks like steal panels on both sides that like I can remove them, I’ll try that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks so much for the ideas, this has been killing me…

It IS a pizza oven, yes?
Anyway, I couldn’t find anything about a side vent either - but I did see something in all the blodgett manuals that said overdone bottoms can be a symptom of either too high a temp setting, OR a blocked flue. How is it set up for venting? A restriction to the hot air venting could do this too. Here’s a quote from Blodgett manuals:

Blodgett gas deck ovens use the natural principal of heat rising as the basic method of ventilation. If the venting of any deck oven is either restricted or forced in any way the baking characteristics of the oven will be adversely affected.
Examples of forced venting include:
D installation of a fan in a direct vent pipe
D use of a canopy type hood without the draft diverter
Examples of restricted venting include:
D use of tees and elbows
D long horizontal runs

WOW, thanks for all the research, I could not find anything myself other than parts list. It is a pizza oven, but the people who I bought my shop from were using it to make their own rolls. Best I could tell they didn’t alter it in anyway, just didn’t use it for pizzas, they said it burnt the bottoms… I looked at the flue and it does not look like it’s blocked in anyway.

Now we’re tickling my memory bone a little. I run Blodgett 981 baking desks. We had to replace the heat deflector assembly in the fire compartment. You might look in the burner compartment at the top of that compartment and see if things are melting or have melted away. This made a big difference to our baking consistency when we replaced them.

BTW, let me know if you want the exploded view of the parts to go with your parts list. I found one I can send you. PM me.