Bush spices for pizza recipes

Dave, tell me how to get the bulk spices, and how much they cost. Do you have any idea what sort of things are in their blend? I expect the herbs and such are proprietary for some of it, but what can you tell me? I am really, really curious to try them out on some lamb and a grill with some southern pecan wood smoke. One leg that way and one done greek style.

Thin sliced and servelike a gyros . . . and again on some pizza or other. I am curious also what sort sort of things would go together with the lamb on an Aussie style pie. I guess I could just go look at your menu :o)

Dave, you are an embarrassingly generous man. I plan one day to shake your hand a drink a cold Aussie beer with you over a damned good pizza. Cheers!

Nick my old mate.
I just ordered a selection of Aussie Bush Spices, Chermoula Spice, Greek Seasoning and Cajun Spice Mix for you through Herbies Spices. They are posting them to you to you PO Box.
You should get them in about a week - going via airmail.
Check out http://www.herbies.com.au to see what are in them all.
These are the spices we use in our gourmet pizzas.
You never know you may even make pizzas as good as ours :stuck_out_tongue:
Enjoy buddy

Clever dude Nick !!
Thanked me before I even told you what I was doing :lol:
Seeing you have that special talent of forseeing the future how about the winning lottery numbers :lol: