Busiest day of the year!

Well folks wish me luck, today is the annual car cruise in our town. Brings in an extra 20,000 people in our small town of 7,000. We are in the center of the show. And one of two sit down restaurants in the closed off area.

I am hoping we don’t have any problems with the city (posted earlier) with the new way they are handling vendors.

The weather is hot so I would imagine the kitchen will hit at least 110 today.

Sure I won’t hit $9001 (we don’t sell ribs or fried chicken) but man I hope we are slaughtered!

Good Luck !!!

Don’t forget to fill us in on all the gory(hopefully) details.

Good luck with it!

Well I can barely walk today, what was I thinking wearing a new pair of shoes?

We survived and as I am each year…totally impressed with our staff. What a bunch of troopers they are.

We didn’t beat the record…almost but short by a little over 100 bucks but we were slammed…2 until 10:30 non stop.

Our manager had a creative idea which worked wonders…we have a small dining room 15 tables and the wait can be up to 45 minutes…so he made a list and got their cell phone numbers and we called them when the table was ready. Worked perfect. That way they could still walk around.

We set up 10 tables outside and served them out side. We sold pizza by the slice out side on our corner to people strolling. It was awesome.

No problems with the city…made our “generous donation” and they were fine.

Amazing to have one of those days that everyone clicks no one slacks. We are just real lucky to have the group of kids we do.

These are the days which remind me why I absolutely love the pizza business.

Our sales were 40% higher than a normal Saturday.

The 4 girls in the dining room made 450 bucks so they were pleased.

We didn’t have much delivery, which was good cuz we had to park a block away so it would have been a pain trying to do 50 deliveries. We had 35 and I’ll take it!

Thanks for letting be babble, the adreniline is still kicking!


Great job Kris !