Business addition idea

Not sure, but thinking of adding to my business, looking to add a small business inside my pizza shop, I have one idea (dvd rental). Any thoughts or ideas ??

I believe it will take away from your pizza credibility. If I walked in and saw a side business going on I would think your pizza probably isn’t good before I even had the opportunity to try it. I guess it would depend on your market though. If it is a fast carryout shop in a lower income neighborhood it might be a home run! Just my opinion… Have you tried any snack items? (chips, candy, fresh pastries)

We just have a big lobby (empty) & was just thinking of trying to put something in, not wanting sit down tables we are just carry out. A few apartments complexes around, was just thinking out loud, we have a few apartment building around, also thought of video game machines ??

Not sure if the main idea is to use up the empty space or make a profitable side business. If you are looking to use up the space, and maybe get your name out there a bit, consider adding a display case with nice “Daisy’s Pizza” merchandise. This will especially work well if you’ve been in business a long time. A couple of places to check out for some great artwork for shirts and hats are[/url] and [url=] I’ve had custom zippo lighters made with our logo, koozies ect ect. Takes up space, but not a lot of profit in selling them. It’s quite valuable to get people walking aroung wearing your shirt, advertising for you.

Especially if it is a “self liquidating” promotion where the buyers cover most or all of your costs…Folks like t-shirts, caps, koozies, beer mugs, etc…

Would like to make a profitable side business with the empty space, we were looking into moving, we took out our tables due to past issues. We are mainly 100% take out, we are still looking into moving just going to wait till early to mid next yr, due to small issues with other location trying to get fixed first, so in mean time would like to fill empty lobby with something profitable yeah. thought about ice cream but thats only a summerthing, so looking for something that can carry on & continue yr around even after we move, merchadising our business sounds like a good idea, just not sure how profitable it would be, will look into costs of getting product. Thanks for that idea.