Business climate in CA Central Coast

Hi there…I am trying to get a feel for what the business climate is like for an independent pizza operator in the San Luis Obispo CA area. Have had two independent places in St. Paul, Mn. One was a fine dining Italian restaurant and also a casual Italian shop. Both featured Pizza, pasta, etc. Kids have grown and two have moved to the CA central coast area, and want me to open a small pizza shop. I want something that I can run without a huge staff. Don’t want the headaches of bussboys, dishwashers, large waitstaff,
hostesses etc. Just something that I can run with myself and a small staff.
About all I know of the area is that commercial rents are quite high and that California has one of the the highest workmans comp rate in the country. Is this true?
Any insights would be appreciated. Have been reading the ‘Think Tank’ for a couple of days and I can’t believe what a great site it is.