Business Insurance... need help finding one!

Hey all,
I need help looking for a insurer for the business. My current place tried sticking me with an additional $3000 for Workman’s Comp. as compared to last year. Their excuse was that they “came down and talked to me, and I gave them $xx.xx amount of figures for the new year”, and in fact, I have never seen nor have even talked on the phone with this insurer. I go through another company that find policies that would fit me and strictly deal with them. Well after the lies and billing issues I’ve decided to scrap this whole policy.

So, as a frame of reference, it’s a Pizza place that delivers and has alcohol. Other places that I compare to is Pizza Hut, Giordano’s Pizza, Connie’s Pizza… places of that nature.

I have already called a few places locally, a couple do not insure pizzerias that have delivery and alcohol, then another came close… but then after taking the money decided that they don’t do pizzeria’s with delivery and alcohol either. So I’m in a bind here!

Thanks all for the help!

Try Mike Odonnell at Conklin Insurance at They can write the whole policy.

thanks, i’ll give him a call… anyone others you can think of? I like to get a few quotes.

We just redid our insurance with a local broker. Moved all our insurance and got a cheaper rate. Tried calling Conklin, guy took all our information and understood we were under a time crunch with a deadline…called back day after the deadline. Kinda a disappointment since I have heard such good things about them. Our driver carrier went out of business.

We got 2 other quotes from 2 different brokers quite a bit of range so get at least two quotes. Most of the difference was one carrier quoted based on drivers on the road while the other did it based on sales.


Here’s a link to a post I put up last year regarding hired non owned insurance providers, which is the part of your insurance that you are having trouble finding. The liquor liability should be easy and the workers comp will be easy as well. I have a few more contacts after this years pizza expo. Let me know if you would like those and I’ll dig through my papers and find them. … 749&t=5921

That website seems to be for fertilizer?

Sorry, fixed the link.

Thanks for all the info everyone…

As far as the Delivery (hired non owned insurance), Most places i’ve talked with that dont do both Liquor and Drivers will do one or the other… would I be better off finding a place that includes the Liquor and excludes the drivers… and find a diffrence agency just for the Drivers? I’m not sure how that works, I’M STILL LEARNING ALL THIS MOBOJUMBO! :lol:

Talked with George from Conklin Insurance, he should have a quote togeather by next Tuesday. We’ll see how they compare with the 5 other places i’ve already contacted.

Thanks all, i’ll let you know how it all goes! And i’m asking other insurers about the full policies minus the delivery coverage to see how that works out.