Business Plan or marketing plans

I am interested in openning a gourmet pizza place and wanted to gain insight on the best material to read in putting together a business plan and also finding out successful marketing plans that do work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bigs has some pretty good templates for members ($12.99/mo)

I used this as an outline to get mine done: … ss%20plan’

(may have to cut and paste the link as it is not hot linking the whole thing)

I then took the rough draft to our local Chamber of Commerce to schedule a meeting with a SCORE representative. They are retired business execs. that volunteer time to help people like you and me. It is a free service and very helpful if you get someone with restaurant knowledge.

After reviewing my business plan, I was told it was the best one he had seen in 10 years. I think all total it was about 20 pages long with lots of information, research on the market, demographics, etc.

Hope it helps.

Send me your e-mail addy and I’ll shoot you a copy of my old business plan.


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ther are several example plans you can look at along with help to write your own at the S.B.A. website

lots of other helpful info there as well. good luck.

Hi there, could you send me a copy as well? my email has been PM to you.

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business plan is more important is you are looking to apply for an SBA or other type Loan. I think with the market being so competitive I would recomend spending more of your time on the marketing plan(at least hire a good PR person)

they are interconnected working parts of the same well-oiled machine that is your business. The Marketing plan will implement the marketing and development goals outlines in your business plan.

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Was you plan approved by the SBA? or a bank? I’m new to the site and realize this is an old post however, I would love a copy of an actually approved business plan if it is still available. Thanks