Business Plus Acctg Restaurant Pro & Charge-X

Is anyone running Business Plus Accounting Restaurant Professional software on their POS?

I am also looking at X-Charge - an internet based credit card processing system that validates cards in 2-3 secs over DSL - and would like to hear if anyone has experience withh that software.



I use PC Charge which integrates with my POS.
I am very happy with the fast processing.

PC Charge is fast.

I have had horrible customer service issues.

After 6 months of not receiving payment on all AMEX transactions. I was stuck in the middle of a battle between the c.c. processing company, AMEX, and PC Charge. 6 months later, still not resolved. I stopped taking AMEX and lost all AMEX transactions from the 1st 6 months, approx $1000.00.

While all this was going on PC Charge required me to buy their tech support service for $75 before they would even start to look for the problem.

Now, last weekend I had an issue with a transaction (not AMEX) and called tech support. I was told that the $75 tech support only covered me Monday-Friday and I would have to pay $100 more or call on Monday.

I couldn’t wait until Monday because my pos will not close the day properly if the c.c’s have not been settled. I was out about $40 for the transaction that I had to void and could get back.

When it is time to upgrade PC Charge will not be the software I use.

Even though I’m going to be a sit-down with limited carryout and no delivery, I hope I can get away with just MasterCard, VISA, and debit cards – that must be 90% of the plastic universe. It seems like AMEX, Diners Club and Discover just take you to the woodshed on handling fees and their systems seem to be where the problems occur.

Am I going to regret going with just VISA, MC, and debit cards?



I’m a delco, but maybe my stats will help you decide. Looking over my December statement these are the numbers I see. Amex accounts for between 6 and 7% of my credit card sales and discover accounts for nearly 3% of credit card sales. Amex average ticket(including gratuity) is over $27.36. Discover is at $19.86. Visa and M/C average $18.30. I know this is just one month but I’m pretty sure these are pretty indicative of my normal averages. With stats like these, i will not soon be dropping either one from what we accept.

PC charge is what my POS uses and we have never had an issue except that if we enter an address with a symbol it rejects it. So we just spell out “and” and never had another problem.

I will back up Paul’s assertion of higher Amex tickets but the bigger issue for me is how many transactions we would loose out on if we didn’t take it. Overwhelmingly more is made by taking Amex. Its the choice of many businesses and is less hassle for them to use. You only know how many people decline ordering from you when you don’t take Amex when they call. How many don’t call because you don’t take it?

Discover now has the same fees as VISA/Mastercard and is processed together with them so why not.

we use PC Charge as well… when installed with my POS I had to call PCC about 3 times to get it all set up right (over 1.5 years ago). Only had a problem with it one other time about 3 months ago, called them up (tuesday afternoon) because one of the Windows “updates” screwed it up. They told me what files to copy and to uninstall then reinstall, put back the files and was good to go again. Not sure if i was still “under warrenty” or what but no one ever said anything about payment for their help.