Business with a Non Profit

Anyone ever do business with a non profit? May have the opportunity to sell slices at a non profit and wondering if anyone else has done this before and how it works with proceeds? Emailed my accountant but he’s on vacation for 10 days so I thought I’d ask the forum.

I have never done sales at a non profit sponsored event. I do sell them pizza and let them do whatever they want with it. Some sell them, some give them away and some just treat there employees and volunteers.

I doubt there would be any rules considering you are being brought in as an outside vendor, and not part of the event so to speak. That is why i just sell them the pizza at a discounted price and let them do whatever they want with it.

I heard back from my accountant while he’s on vacation, hard working guy damn! What you are doing in similar to wholesaling and an option I may consider. I’m wanting to sell the slices there myself so I can get retail price and much to my surprise, he said it’s really not as difficult as I thought and no issues on my end. Just need to word the contract with them to avoid UBI on their end for tax purposes and that’s it.