Busy Work Ideas

What are some of your best things to have employees do while it is slow??

Restock everything, fold pizza boxes (includes attaching menu to them), clean, clean and clean, help with dishes.

I can think of dozens of things for our guys to include door hang and box top!

how about calling customers back to see how their meal was.

Clean and sanitize coolers, clean and sanitize sinks, clean walls and ceiling tiles in kitchen, clean baffles in exhaust hood, straighten and inventory dry, cold and paper goods.

Great training opportunities for food safety, new tasks and checking proficiencies at tasks. Have some simple and relevant ‘competitions’ that can let people show off and earn some small recognitions or prizes. Nothing big, but fastest to fold 10 boxes, or stretch three 12" dough skins like the competition guys. Fun and relevant.

OK lets hear the dozen things!