Buy Nick's Pants!!

If you can use new chef pants in size 2x please check out my ad in the Classifieds section. From what I can tell y’all don’t go there often, hence my note on this board. Please forgive me if I’ve violated protocol.

I want to know if it includes Nick in the price? :stuck_out_tongue:

…I’m thinking that would involve an extra charge :smiley:

Would that be for shipping and handling?

I’m confused. How much are you willing to pay us to take Nick off your hands? But then we have to buy him new pants?

I think the larger question here is: Does Nick know his wife is selling his pants? :shock:

I think the even bigger question is: Does Nick know his wife is selling him? :lol:

Well, he said they were going to liven things up a bit since competition moved into the area, this should create some buzz.

The Health Department may not like it much!

Hmm… that just created a very disturbing picture… does this mean Nick now owns a “Naked” pizza? :shock:

You heard of Shoeless Joe Jackson. He can be Nick the pant less pizza maker.

OOOOOWWWWW you guys are in trouble…its all fun and games until Nick comes around and sees what you’ve been up to.

We all know no one can fill Nicks pants :lol:

So has Nick lost weight and no longer needs these pants?..

So does this mean Nick no longer wears the pants around there?? :lol:

Wasn’t Nick the one posting about um, sweat, chafing and such. These pants have been washed repeately, right? :slight_smile:

thanks, I needed that laugh.
It appears Nick found the solution to his condition - no pants at all.
Didn’t Nick also post recently about finding it difficult to keep quality employees?

I think I see a quality episode of Diners, DriveIns and Dives in Nicks future. With a really big black square on the lower half of the screen.

Nick has been strangely silent on this thread! :?:

I figured if I posted, it might slow down the fun :slight_smile: Look . . . it’s hot in the kitchen, and think of it as “the travelling chef-pants”. I been busy running my pizza joint and you guys got all this time to smack me around and poke fun at my fat, bald physique?? Heartless. Just heartless. :wink:

Really, these are clean, never-worn pants . . . so not cheaffe pants :slight_smile: They are style and cut that don’t work well for me and what I do. I prefer the 5-pocket cargo pants, and Kim got me some other very nice, but ultimately not functional ones.

I’ve been away for a few days and came back to all these comments - some I would have made myself. Gee miss a day and miss a go at Nick. Should take my laptop next time :slight_smile:

I just had a great idea. A couple years ago I had to take “Flat Stanley” with me on a trip for my niece. For those of you that do not know about Stanley…he is a little cutout that travels with you and you take his picture in front of locations or signs or wherever so he can show his travels. Now…replace stanley with “Nicks Pants”… I think I am on to something here…or maybe just on something? :stuck_out_tongue: Think of all the pictures of his pants in front of all the indie pizza shops around the country… oh and Canada and the Down Under “Dave!” :wink: