buy or lease

im looking to start a delivery/carrout store i need about 1000sqf would you buy or lease you space?i have found a location in the downtown area for sale that has 1000sqf that has been updated, for cheap what would you do?


Have a building inspector go over it (the kind you pay, not just the one from the city) and buy it! Seriously, why rent if you don’t have to? With most business leases, you get 4 walls and a roof. Everything else is your problem.

thanks snowman that is what i was thinking,the magic number to lease anything is around 2000.00 per seems everthing i check out they will cut down to around 1200sqf but there still at 2000.00 a month.geesh maybe realestate is better

I will never lease again. Buying you can lock in your lease payment for 20-30 years. Leasing you payment goes up each year and at the end you have nothing.
Plus you have a solid asset behind your business.