Buying a new oven

Hi all,

I’m trying to buy a Baker’s Pride DS990 for a new pizza restaurant in East Asia. I’ve been in contact with Baker’s Pride’s international suppliers but the price they’re charging is very expensive. I’ve calculated that if I buy a new oven from Webstaurant or Katom in the US and ship it over via international freight, I would save around 40%. So, I have some questions for you pizza veterans.

  1. Is Webstaurant store or Katom reliable? If so, which is more reliable?
  2. Does the DS990 break down often? We may have to buy 2 ovens so a malfunction won’t shut down the store. This is fine budget-wise because we plan on opening more than one restaurant in the future, and the second oven can be used in the second restaurant once we find a good process for maintenance and repairs.
  3. Are there any other methods of buying new ovens besides these online stores? They have to be new because used ovens are exceptionally difficult to get by customs.

Thanks all!

I know nothing of Bakers Pride ovens so I can’t speak about their reliability. I have purchased smallwares from both Katom and Webstaurant and had generally good experiences from both. Both have left me waiting for long periods of time for out of stock items with no communication. I thonk the problem was with the manufacturer. Before ordering your new ovens through one of these try contacting Northern Pizza Equipment and see if they can save you some money. You might also try

I don’t know about that particular model, but our electric Bakers Pride ovens are solidly built. I have no idea how old they are, but they have been around awhile and still work great. I’ve never bought an appliance that big from Webstaurant before, but I use them quite a bit for small things and they have always been great.

Hello! Best of luck on your new pizzeria. Last year I used to furnish my entire fundraising kitchen. I had no problems at all. I also order small items from them all the time and they have never let me down.