Buying boxes online

I was poking around online looking at box prices. The prices there are a lot better than I get from USFood or Sysco… but then there is the freight. Does anyone buy boxes this way? What are you paying?

We could realistically store about 3000 boxes pretty easily if the savings was significant.

Could you share some links to the ones that you found?

Are you considering some custom printed boxes? I’ve been leaning towards that for a bit. And have a 100 Yrd rifle target printed inside of them too. Someone in Alaska did that, I thought it was an excellent way to recycle a box

Looking at plain boxes. Since we do a box-topper on every box that leaves the store, I can’t see printing the boxes and then covering the graphic with the box-topper.

These guys have pretty good prices (although no discount for real volume) but delivery charges outside of their area would kill me:

I’m a new but small shop in SF with limited storage. I tried to get custom boxes but they required 10 cases of each size minimum. Who the fuck has room for 30-40 cases of boxes?! I have 4 sizes.

Hi Joe. Storage can be tough for a lot of shops. To answer your question though, we can easily take 40 bundles of boxes. That is less than what we have on hand Christmas week. We go into that week with about 25 bundles of 16", 10 bundles of 14" and 10 bundles of 12". Being in the mountains where it snows a ton and depending on how busy we need to be prepared to be, I want on hand at least 7-10 days worth of anything that would close me down if I ran out. So… going into Christmas we stock 10 days worth of sauce, cheese, flour, yeast, pepperoni and boxes… rounded up. Most of the other stuff I could either do without or could supply at Safeway if I had to.

Right now, we are slower and we target a 7 day supply. We need one case of cheese, one bag of flour and one bundle of boxes for every $1000 we plan to do in the coming week. Every time we order (2X per week), we fill back up to that level. (Makes it very easy for the manager… look at forecast, divide by 1000, count how many he needs) That way if weather closes the passes between here and denver and we miss a delivery, we will be good on all the core items for 3-4 days beyond when that delivery would have arrived.

For us a year-round normal stock of boxes would be 25 bundles all sizes combined. (Plus whatever we have folded in the kitchen)

Thanks Bodega, glad to hear you guys are so busy and have all that storage space! Must be nice! I’m maxed out on storage and we opened less than 3 months ago! Ordering US Foods twice a week as is. 714 sq ft space. 18 seats inside, 12 outside, ADA bathroom, one conveyor oven, 30 qt mixer, sheeter, cold table, two fridges and sinks. I have wall-mounted metro racks for additional storage. Just starting to market hardcore now that my staff is solid and we have all our systems & procedures in place and perfected. We’re set to pop! Still have my day job to make ends meet bu “working” nights 8 days a week at the pizzeria doesn’t even feel like work. It’s a hobby to me that I enjoy more than almost anything :wink: Keeps me sane!

My distributor has always handled our printed boxes. From day 1, when we only sold a few hundred pizzas a week. They order a few months at a time and then dish them out us every week as we need them. I’m always a bit shocked when these box threads pop up and everyone shares their stories on how difficult it is to get printed boxes or just a good deal on a standard box. You would think these distributors would be more customer focused and take care of you guys better. Our boxes are the bulk of our marketing.

I’m in Cali too, who is your distributor? I use US Foods

We use Cerenzia foods in Rancho Cucamonga. I don’t think they go up to SF but I don’t know for sure.
They are at 909-989-4000

Our distributors also hold our boxes for us

I really wish there was a surefire way to measure the return when using custom printed boxes…I know when I got to the post office and see Amazon, The Shopping Channel, Walmart, etc. boxes all over the place it has some impact on me…Same on recycling day when I see all the used pizza boxes…

I am not sure how to really measure return BUT I do like the idea about targets inside the box and think that if there was some way that the customer tried to retain the box THAT would be worth the custom printed box, NOW I can track bounce backs from box toppers and I think that a plain box with a menu or bounce back is more effective IMO

Sure for tracking the clients you have…But not very effective at all in attracting new clients…

I respectfully disagree,
The reason I want a rifle target printed on our boxes is because those will then be seen at the local shooting range which is about 1 mile up the road, and the way I found out about this target printed on a box idea was seeing it posted online in social media. So, if a person was impressed enough to take a picture, post it online, and mention the place that does this, I think it could have good returns with word of mouth, and visibility outside of your normal advertising reach.

My comments was about box toppers…I think the custom printed targets is a great idea…

Do have room for 2,000 + boxes? Check out these. Straight from China.

I’ve ordered things from Alibaba for a separate industry (pool cues) and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. You can request samples before you place a large order.

My concern would be food safety/regulations.

Id be concerned about anything from China that contacts RTE foods.

Do any of you know where your boxes come from? I certainly don’t. I order them from US Food or Sysco… but they could easily be coming in containers from these same suppliers… in fact, I would be surprised if they aren’t!

Why yes, I do
Mine are US manufactured in Kalamazoo MI,
The reason I am concerned with Asian products is due to their poor track record, Melamine in pet foods, melamine in baby formula, lead in sidewalk chalk and several other dangerous products that come out of there
I even make sure my Sausage casings are US sourced, since a large percentage of natural casings do come from China

Rock Tenn has a bunch of plants…17 that make 3 million boxes a day…