Buying new pizza screens

Is there any one company that makes a better more durable pizza screen (not disk) than all the others

I would buy the screens where the outside rim is one piece. I have some older ones that have a seam and they have come apart over time. Also look around online for pricing. I have noticed they vary quite a bit between different vendors.

I agree, try to find ones with a seamless rim. They tend to last quite a bit longer.

Agree no seam

Lloyds quik discs. Better than any screen we have tried. They take a beating and clean up nice.

But they cost 6 or 7 times the price of screens. I finally bit the bullet and spent nearly $2000 on them and agree they do take a beating better than screens and cook as well, but the price is really difficult to swallow. I was able to justify the price as I go through screens much faster than most due to a one handed pizza maker who tends to bend the screens when he picks up a pizza from the edge of the screen. I still could have purchased many, many years worth of screens for the money I spent on Lloyds discs.

Lloyds now has a new disk that they call their Hex Disk. This disk is designed to perfectly replicate the bake of a well seasoned screen, plus it comes with a great, non-stick finish, never needs seasoning, can be washed without damage to the disk or the finish, and best of all, its durable, and will out last conventional screens, heck, barring attack with a hammer or axe, they should last a life time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use american metalcraft screens and have used them for 10 years now. We get about two years out of a screen on average. At three bucks a screen, that works for me…