Whats the law? I have been googling like crazy…anyone know?

I am in TN and I have a few people asking. I notice some of my competition advertises that you can BYOB, but do they have a special liscense?


in AZ it’s OK
some places encourage it…each restaurants can apply their own rules on it, as far as I know

better check the TN laws for yourself,

I knew you would be the first to reply buddy.

where i am you need to have a liqueur license first.(Illinois)
then get a permit from the city.
i am not sure about any place else
it was very simple to get the permit. cost was $200 dollars i think,and this included a carry out permit.
i already had the liqueur license

lap top with wi-fi right on my prep table…

Yeah I saw it in your pictures. Classic.

Thanks John…

My only concern with BYOB is what happened if a customer brought it and left your place intoxicated and got in a wreck?

Who would have liability in this situation?

Call your state department of revenue . . . alcohol and tobacco division. Look online for the numbers. We have several offices around GA for ours. A friendly local agent should be able to tell you the law. A less than friendly one can tell you where to find it. Heck, it may be on their website.

GA is a state-allowed BYOB (brown bag) state. Local counties and municipalities may regular or restrict through local ordinances.

im in tn also just checked with local sheriff he said i could get a license to allow cust to bring in beer and it would cover me if there were any sorts of problems still not sure on all of info will be checking after the new year will post what i find. by the way we are a dry county but beer is sold only at c store across from my store. would still have to go infront of beer board to get approval its just kind of hard to live in the bible belt after being born and raised in vegas :? and being in really small town makes it even worse all i ever hear is you dont want to offend the church crowd they wont come back! but now tht im in new building and open on sundays after church so far theres no large church crowd anyway :x

We had that same mantra sung to us . . . .for the 1st three years, there wasn’t a “church group” presence to speak of in our shop. We get a Wednesday night group now that is about 6 your people.

We’re gonna get a license this year and apologize to that group if they feel pressured to dine elsewhere (inferior food elsewhere and all).

call your city it ll help but byob places do not have a beer and wine permit other wise they wont post the byob the permit to sel beer and wine for restaurant is about 6000$ for a start and 1000$ a year here in texas i am sure it is close to that anywhere else

I am an elected city official. Do not rely on the City to quote state statutes. It will NOT hold up in court, and they will not always know the actual law. Co check with the City clerk about local ordinance regulation, but go to the state agency for their policy and laws.

BTW, licensing is definitely variable . . . .
GA STATE: $50 application for each wine & beer consume on premises . . . . same for renewals
Grantville City: $100 application . . . $500 annual city License . . . . .

So, my annual licensing will run about $600, which is about 175 beers (15/month), if I calculate well. It may be touch and go the first year to make that back. Makes me cry to hear about folks paying $5000 and more for their licenses.

Dave, how much you pay every year? :slight_smile:

In Texas it’s OK. I have a friend in the Dallas area who GIVES AWAY beer on certain days.

russ cox

Lots of dry counties here in Texas. Many places allow BYOB. Heck, when the local Hooters was denied a beer license, they gave away free beer until they eventually did get the license.

He ain’t kidding. A place up in Plano lost their liquor license (or forgot to renew or something) and they gave away drinks instead. However, in MO (when I lived there), it was illegal to advertise liquor prices outside the establishment. For instance, I couldn’t offer $2.99 pitchers and pizza on my doorhangers. I could offer a free beer with a purchase or “2 for 1”, etc. Odd little state.