C.M.S. pizza seller

hi my name is tiffany i live in san antonio. i work with my parents selling large one topping pizzas that usually sell for twelve dollars, we give them away for only five bucks, and thay have extra cheese.
im only 16 i still go to school and after school i work with pizza. i already know how to make dough,fold boxes i could fold about 20 boxes in a min, i can stretch the skins , i know how to answer the phones i don’t know all the prices and all that, im not really that good at working the oven but then again i think im the youngest pizza seller in sa the youngest that works at a pizzaria and know every there is that i need to know. i could sell about 10 pizzas in a hour and i heard the average seller can sell 20 in a hour. i have been doing it for a while now i like it . i think the best thing about it is that i can go into all the bars and i meet new people everyday
i also have done couponing. i know alot about selling pizzas but i was wondering if there is anybody else in my age group that does the same thing as i do and can give some tips on what they learned